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10 Agu 2015 - 01:27:34

Candy Making recipes sweet and Chewy Agar Agar Agar

Candy Making recipes sweet and Chewy Agar Agar Agar is one of the ingredients to create foods that are frequently used. Wrong food made from gelatin is pudding. The pudding is indeed a lot made of gelatin http://buletinresep.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-es-krim-vanilla.html powder usually made by boiling with a variety of other materials and it is left up pudding being really dense and chewy though admittedly not all the pudding made from gelatin.

In addition to the
pudding, there are also other foods made from gelatin sweets such as jelly. Candy that usually have a little hard and dense texture but this candy will have a fairly chewy texture because it is made of gelatin. Well, that's the jelly candy recipe that will be made this time around. The process of making chewing jelly certainly easy and simple, but does require http://buletinresep.blogspot.com/2014/12/resep-pastel-goreng.html quite a long time for the process of penjemurannya for making candy gelatin must be dried beforehand to completely dry and becomes candy. One way to make candy gelatin is as follows.

Candy Making recipes sweet and Chewy Agar Agar


1 packet gelatin powder (color according to taste)
250 gr granulated sugar
500 ml clean water
Vanilla 1/2 teaspoon

How To Make Candy So That:

Masukka water into small saucepan
Enter also the powder into it
Add the granulated sugar and vanilla powder into the ingredients into the Pan
Boil the above ingredients over medium heat until boiling and sugar dissolves
Pour the stew ingredients gelatin into baking dish-shaped box
Let stand until gelatin and frozen cold
Cut out with a knife in order or shape to your taste
Jemur pieces of gelatin under the blazing sun to crystallize and dry for approximately 5-7 days
Insert candy gelatin into the jar and ready to be enjoyed

With the process of how to make a Candy Sweet Agar Agar this simple enough you can get creative with ingredients made from gelatin. Serve this meal as a snack in your family especially your kids.

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