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05 Agu 2015 - 03:42:52

Chicken Mustard Green soup recipe is delicious Savoury and steady

Chicken Mustard Green soup recipe is delicious Savoury and steady chicken with mustard greens are indeed different materials, but both are very suitable for combined with the way http://buletinresep.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-kue-nastar-keju.html chicken soup are made into mustard green. Chicken mustard green soup is a food that is made from chicken meat and vegetables collards is green but has a clear soup.

However, it retains the aroma of hearty soup and also has a nice flavor. You need to know that to make this cuisine is not as complex as what we imagine because the manufacturing process is very easy and simple. Make these foods even younger when compared to make chicken flavored kind of more like chicken rendang for example or sauteed chicken and other types of processed chicken. Mustard greens mixed with chicken meat is certainly very worthy for consumption because it has some excellent http://buletinresep.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-kue-putri-salju.html benefits for the health of the body. Mustard greens contain vitamins and low in calories but rich in fibers. Well, just let us create the recipe together.

Mustard Chicken soup recipe makes a tasty and Hearty Green Steady


chicken meat 200 gr (diced)
100 gr of fresh green cabbage (cut into pieces)
Ginger 2 cm (memarkan)
clean water 500 ml
chicken stock powder 1/2 teaspoon
3 grains of red onion (thinly sliced)
2 garlic cloves (thinly sliced)

How To Make Chicken Soup Mustard Green:

Saute onion and garlic along with the ginger with a little oil
Pour water to taste then let sit until bubbling
Stir in chicken and cook continued to mature
Then enter your mustard already dismembered while stirring until wilted
Add all the bumbu-bumbunya and wait for it to mature while a little stirred
Serve these foods while still warm

It is indeed very easy and quick so that very recipe this one is perfect for the Moms who have very little time at home. Good luck and happy to practice the process and how to make a Chicken Soup Mustard green.

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