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18 Jun 2015 - 02:26:25

Onde-Onde recipe makes Black sticky rice

Onde-Onde recipe makes Black sticky rice Onde-onde is one of the easiest food in the encounter, it tastes good and the price is not so expensive that made a lot of people like the traditional one. Onde-onde is one food recipes that are easily created and you can also make yourself at home. Onde-onde recipe makes black sticky http://buletinresep.blogspot.com/2015/02/resep-sapo-tahu.html rice is indeed worth Your try. The materials used to make the meal program is also quite accessible.

Here are the ingredients to make a sticky black onde-onde:

Ingredients for the skin onde-onde:
60 grams of glutinous flour black
125 grams white sticky rice flour
2O gram flour sago
50 g granulated sugar
60 g White Sesame
150 ml of water
To taste oil for frying onde-onde

Onde-Onde Black Sticky Rice

Onde-Onde Black Sticky Rice

Materials for fill onde-onde

75 grams green beans (used to soak for 1 hour)
150 ml coconut milk
tsp salt
50 g granulated sugar
1 sheet of pandan leaves

How to make sticky black onde-onde

To create content, rebuslah da coconut milk add salt, sugar and pandan leaves then bring to a boil until boiling. After that, add the green beans that has been steamed for 15 minutes into the casual, mix until kalis. After cold create balls of green beans to fill onde-onde.
To make the skin http://buletinresep.blogspot.com/2015/02/resep-tempe-orek.html onde-onde then the trick is to boil the sugar, water and salt until all is dissolved. After that enter the black sticky rice flour, white rice flour, flour sago, stir-stir until blended.
After the dough so the dough then grab the dough then give pipihkan the content and the form and content of the dough circle became a ball. Give Sesame on the skin onde-onde way scroll-gulungkan onde balls-onde in sesame.
Onde-onde FRY until done and drain

Onde-onde recipe makes black sticky rice that you can try at home for a family meal. Onde-onde taste pretty delicious can be served with any beverages while you relax. The materials used to make these foods is also easily obtained. Therefore you could make food recipes this one easily.

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